Kimigayowo yachiyototukuru sayochidori

shimanosotomade koezokikoyuru


Japanese traditional dance.

 “Nihon Buyo” is a traditional Japanese performing arts, a mixture of dance and pantomime. I can teach the beautiful “Mai” (dance) and perform the beautiful Nihon Buyo at your corporate events etc. Please feel free to contact me.

How to dress in Kimono 

Kimono dressing is a complicated procedure and requires a lot of work.

​I can help you to dress in a kimono beautifully. Please feel free to contact me.


Shironuri (white painting) is a traditional Japanese makeup style for Geisha, Maiko and Kabuki artists.

In old days, it was popular makeup technique which could attract more attention in a dim room.

I can teach you about the Shironuri-makeup. I can also perform the make-up.

Please feel free to contact me.


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